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Ncert Solution Cbse Class 8 Maths

Ncert Solution Cbse Class 8 Maths

Chapter : 1 Rational Numbers

  Rational Number-Rational Number and its Properties

  Rational Number-Rational Number and Number line

Chapter : 2 Linear equations In One Variable

  Linear Equations in one Variable-Equation and various terms

  Linear Equations in one Variable-Solution of equation and its application

Chapter : 3 Understanding Quadrilaterals

  Understanding Quadrilaterals-Different shapes

  Understanding Quadrilaterals-Polygons and properties

  Understanding Quadrilaterals-Parallelogram and its properties

Chapter : 4 Practical Geometry

  Practical Geometry-Introduction

  Practical Geometry-Constructing a Quadrilateral

Chapter : 5 Data Handling

  Data Handling-Organising Data

  Data Handling-Grouping Data

  Data Handling-Circle Graph or Pie Chart

  Data Handling-Chance and Probability

Chapter : 6 Square and Square Roots

  Square and Square Roots-Square numbers and pattern

  Square and Square Roots-Method to find Square Root

  Square and Square Roots-Square Roots estimation

Chapter : 7 Cube and Cube Roots

  Cube and Cube Roots-Cube and pattern

  Cube and Cube Roots-Method to find Cube Roots

Chapter : 8 Comparing Quantities

  Comparing Quantities-Ratios and Percentages

  Comparing Quantities-Profit and Loss

  Comparing Quantities-Compound Interest

Chapter : 9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities

  Algebraic Expressions and Identities-Algebraic Expression and its types

  Algebraic Expressions and Identities-Multiplication of Algebraic Expression

  Algebraic Expressions and Identities-Identities

Chapter : 10 Visualising Solid Shapes

  Visualising Solid Shapes-Introduction

  Visualising Solid Shapes-Faces, Edges and Vertices

Chapter : 11 Mensuration

  Mensuration-Area of Well known shapes

  Mensuration-Area of a Polygon

  Mensuration-Surface area of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder

  Mensuration-Volume of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder

Chapter : 12 Exponents and Powers

  Exponents and Powers-Rules of Exponents

Chapter : 13 Direct and Inverse Proportions

  Direct and Inverse Proportions-Direct and Inverse Proportions

Chapter : 14 Factorisation

  Factorisation-Methods of Factorisation

  Factorisation-Divison of Algebraic Expressions

Chapter : 15 Introduction to Graphs

  Introduction to Graphs-Graph and its types

  Introduction to Graphs-Solving problem with graph

Chapter : 16 Playing With Numbers

  Playing With Numbers-Playing With Numbers

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