Video Lessons Cbse Class 6 Maths Chapter 7 Adding And Subtracting Mixed Fractions :

Video Lessons Cbse Class 6 Maths Chapter 7 Adding And Subtracting Mixed Fractions

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Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers

  Knowing Our Number-Place value and large numbers

  Knowing Our Number-Estimation and Brackets

Chapter 2 Whole Numbers

  Whole Numbers-Multiplication using number line

  Whole Numbers-Properties of whole number and Identities

Chapter 3 Playing With Numbers

  Playing With Numbers-Factors and Multiples

  Playing With Numbers-Divisibility rules

  Playing With Numbers-HCF and LCM

Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas

  Basic Geometrical Ideas-Basics of geometry

Chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes

  Understanding Elementary Shapes-Measuring Lines and Angles

  Understanding Elementary Shapes-Different Shapes

Chapter 6 Integers

  Integers-Integer and Number line

  Integers-Addition and Subtraction of integers

Chapter 7 Fractions

  Fractions-Fraction and its types

  Fractions-like and unlike fractions

  Fractions-Comparing and addition of fractions

Chapter 8 Decimals

  Decimals-Decimals and fractions

  Decimals-Comparing Decimals

  Decimals-Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

Chapter 9 Data Handling

  Data Handling-Represantation of Data

  Data Handling-Graph and its types

Chapter 10 Mensuration

  Mensuration-Perimeter of different shapes

  Mensuration-Area of different shapes

Chapter 11 Algebra

  Algebra-Variables and its use

  Algebra-Rules and Expresson

  Algebra-Equation and its Solution

Chapter 12 Ratio and Proportion

  Ratio And Proportion-Ratio

  Ratio And Proportion-Proportion and Unitary method

Chapter 13 Symmetry

  Symmetry-Reflection and Symmetry

Chapter 14 Practical Geometry