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Worksheet Cbse Class 3 Maths

Worksheet Cbse Class 3 Maths

Chapter : 1 Shapes And Design

  Introduction to geometrical figures

Chapter : 2 Fun With Numbers

  Number work-Identifying two digit/three digit numbers

  Number work- Comparision of numbers

  Number work-Expanded form and place value

Chapter : 3 Give And Take

  Addition without carrying over and some properties.

  Subtraction without borrowing and some properties.

Chapter : 4 How Many Times

  Multiplication-Introduction Times table of 6

  Multiplication with the help of addition and its properties.

  Multiplication by lattice method

  Multiplication by vertical arrangement and carrying over

Chapter : 5 Rupees And Paise

  Coins and currency

Chapter : 6 Long And Short

  Measurement and standard units

Chapter : 7 Who Is Heavier

  Measurement and standard units

Chapter : 8 Jugs And Mugs

  Measurement and standard units

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